26 July 2022

Why to ask why

If you won't ask, you won't find out. You won't get anything if you don't ask. If you don't ask, no is the answer.

Even if you are pretty sure that there are no stupid questions, I bet somebody would (or already did) tell you that about your question mark. No matter how hard your defense of the question is, the word has been spoken and you'll think twice before following through with another one. It's crazy how fast you can stop the human from curiosity. Especially a little human called the child. Do not do that.

Whatever work you do, question everything. Maybe I would keep to myself and not much articulate about the CEO salary or bonus(es), however, the uncharted territory remains quite small. You have your chance when joining the company. For the period of your probation shooting questions should be as your top priority task. Not executed properly can lead do reputation damage later on, when pretending a fully grown-up full FT employee.