28 April 2018

When there is no magic pill

This guy had a plan and was not afraid of sharing it publicly. Every now and then he proclaimed: I want to become IronMan World Champion in age category M50. As he was still in his early 40s, target seemed to be light years away. But don't be afraid, he was already doing everything he could to make this statement not to sound bold only but to make it real as well.

No big deal, is it? Not to all of those sport fans having in common one thing: coach and tv. I bought a bigger screen to have a better view of my team. Yeap. Don't forget to put sport in the CV section asking for your interests. But, as they say, everyone has its own favourite porn genre. Moving on.

What's the IronMan? It was born out of the curiosity or probably more out of the bet, who is the fittest. So an event was created for local swimmers, cyclists and runners, which combines all of those three disciplines in one go. And in 1978 the story began. You swim (3.8km), then changing and start to cycling (180km) and after that you run a marathon (42.1km). In theory, you can brag about being the IronMan for the rest of your life, but... Some say anyone fit enough to run, can finish the marathon. Or do cycling for long time. Let's not forget about the long distance swimming. If you find the joy in doing it, you would do.

In one hand you have complete the marathon and not looking back, ticking the box on your bucket list and moving on. Have you earn my respect? Probably, as I haven't done mine yet lol But then I will ask you a question, what's next in your mind? Tackling the marathon again because you feel you can beat yourself just earned you +10. Same with another challenge from your list. Constantly trying to be better than yesterday? Well done sir.

For those still not in motion, doing any of IronMan discipline alone would be a challenge. I remember when I heard or read about it first time, probably 25 years ago, it was impossible for my mind to process it. Now I can see people doing few IronMans in the year, without mentioning those into double or triple IMs. And of course, the cherry on the top, this Iron Cowboy.

In 24 hours I would be swimming 6km for the first time. Spoiler: I did 5K last year and year before that. Have I trained hard for the event? Not really. Have I trained at all? Nope. Is there anything I can blame for that situation? Of course, I could count on both of my hands but in the end it is you. And you only.

I think this is the beauty of individual sports. You get what you put. Every decision has its bigger or smaller effect. And you are the change driver.

I do believe in myself and in majority of situations what you have in your head is the leverage which makes a difference. But do not forget: there is no magic pill that will cover any of your missed training. And event the strongest mind or Jedi tricks will not make you IronMan in a week.

And what about our wannabe World Champion? He accidentally won it last year in the age group M45-49 =)