17 March 2018

The power of doing nothing

There was an idea once. It looked like something to pursue. It was worth the shot. So, your daily steps followed the path to get the maximum from this. Of course it was not the action of all or nothing, when you remortgaging your family house and putting everything at the stake. More likely, let's finally get to the point when instead of thinking how cool it would be to do it, I will actually plan and execute the business idea.

You know what? After first event the first though was: why it took me so long? It wasn't that hard and all the fears in relation to not be able to handle live questions on the wide subjects were diminished. Then was another and another, but happy days and living on the beach retired after a year was not materialising yet. Actually, the idea so supported by the mentor did not work as expected. You can always blame your marketing research (which wasn't done). I was trying to act on the flow and adapt on the fly. Whatever works - tweak and reuse it, whatever does not, scrap and try something else.

Looking back, more could be done. More different approaches, tools and techniques. One example: I have never attended a real network event. Were I missing a key point to my business success? You never know.

Last year I told myself, that by the end of March I would be knowing if this is something I would be doing further or scrapping the idea at all. And in the middle of the March I do feel this is the end.

And then, an email came in. Asking for the meeting. And than email caused all the thinking process and realisation that it is almost end of March. The deadline point. So, next week meeting will be a curve point. This is the end, my only friend, the end or just simply, moving on.

PS And on the top of this, they say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. I'll give myself a month to find out if I can switch career path.