12 February 2018

What to do when you break a chain of new habit?

If you are going to change something, do not wait until tomorrow, next Monday or the 1st of next month. Apart from being a nice procrastinator, this idle time will not give anything back. And you will be starting at the exact point as day before, days back or month away. Nothing is going to be accomplished by awaiting.

Of course you can fool yourself with the need of preparation, reading and research before starting that long waiting change. How about starting now? Put down that pack of crisps, snack, fizzy drink. Easy peasy.

Read recently that the little choices we made every day are the base of who we are. And the more good choices you make the better person you become. Acting become creating. New habits form new persona. How awesome is that?

Failure is a part of change. If there is no hiccups during the process, it may means the challenge was not enough... challenging. You choose an easy one. Good for you, now back to the drawing board and aim for something else.

But wait. I set myself to write everyday. Failed once, then couldn't pick up this next day, and then another and another and now I am soooo... disgusted with myself. Don't brake the chain. You made a point of doing something. Stick with it. There may be some blank spaces in your diary but as you progress, there will be less and less of them. Keep going. It's not the end of the world.

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