08 February 2018

What your watch is trying to tell you

Not so far away in time my watch stopped. Bear in mind it was the first time since I received it, so no panic was involved. 10 years ago I started new job and this was a gift for new beginning from my girlfriend at the time and wife nowadays. I use it a lot, but one day I stopped. Easier to say I had no idea where it is. Occasionally you could hear the beeping every hour but with no indication where to look for it.

Months after months passed by. Finally there was a day when I needed watch a cannot wear the Ironman one. The search started. And ended very soon when it was spotted under the my daughter mattress. Why and how, that is another case to the X-files. But it was there and working fine. Until the battery died, which, after 10 years of work was kind of expected event. I did not forget the strange look from the watchmaker, when instead of good bye I said See you in 10 years!. I thought it was a good liner.

Months came by and everything is working perfectly. Suddenly, without any warning, the date told me we have a Sunday, 01/01. WTF. First thought, OMG/OMB, I am back in time! Oh no, I'm not. Then I have noticed that the 5 minutes ahead schedule of the watch is not ahead anymore. And then I thought about the cold reception of my joke at watchmaker's. And the muahahahaha sound when I was leaving the venue.

Let's step back a little. As the whole situation is happening at the beginning of February, maybe there is a little message from the bottle here. What if your watch would like to remind you of the all things you said to yourself on the beginning of January? All the resolutions and plans? As you cannot turn back in time (yet), you have the opportunity to revise, amend or change whatever doesn't work and put yourself back on track. Kind of Santa little helper. Thank you watch, it is much appreciated.