07 February 2018

Unexpected surprise with take away

Sunday evening. You can't be asked to do anything for late dinner. Not even thinking about preparing anything for next day lunch at work. It is sooo far away from now. You grab your phone, memory 5, and speaking to your local Nepal cuisine take away. Of course you know them. And vice versa. It is a long standing relationship, with ups and no downs.

Order is no brainier, a variation of tested and loved dishes. Of course you can wait 40-50 minutes for delivery as you know it will be a bit faster. As time flies by, any door bell might be them.

Finally, it's all here now. Double order as one for now and the second one for tomorrow. You can smeel it around the house. It's a bit lazy behaviour, I know, but come on. Once in a while you can be lazy. You can't? I can.

As the meal progress, unusual incident happens. In your favourite chickpeas meal you can feel something which does not belong there. It's too hard, definitely not chewable or digestible if swollen. It's a piece of metal. Looks like rivet nut or bolt after examination. Seems like a part of the kitchen equipment, which should stayed in the kitchen and not travel. Maybe it was its dream to travel the world and it didn't care that everybody in the kitchen was laughing at it. One day, it thought, one day you will see.

And this day come. It travelled few miles. And I was on the call as the one who don't appreciate this dream coming true. A person on the phone wasn't really keen to understand until I said I want to speak to the manager. As he was on the way (everybody delivers there) she assured me, he will call me back later. He did not.

I waited whole Monday. There was no more surprizes in the lunch time at work. Phone was still silent. I sent an email later in the afternoon describing the situation and attaching the picture of the traveller. There was a random call in the evening from the mobile I did not recognized and I did not picked this up.

The next day though I did pick up a call from different number. The previous evening call was from the same person. The Nepalese restaurant. I went again through what happened and explained that I am a regular which he confirms. And I don't want to walk away. Also, I mentioned that things probably wouldn't be in such a nice and friendly athmosfere it this would be picked up by somebody else. All I want is you to go through all of your equipment and double check everything and replace stuff that need it. I have been offeref apologies from the whole team: managers, staff and head chef. I have accepted that along with free next order.

That was my way of dealing with something like that, how would you respond?