06 February 2018

So, are you still vegan?

Once upon a time I was coordinating LGE project. It just happens that majority of my experts were Linux enthusiasts/users/administrators. And then I was infected with FLOSS virus, which started spreading not only within the organisation I was working at this time but also within others. Soon after we were running Linux Install Parties in my home town, then having the first Linux training room, propagating the idea of Linux being the best for the rest.

There was one guy called Hal, who works for the corporation at that time and look at us from above. Whoever got excited because of something Linux oriented, soon after was doomed by Hal. He called all of us Linux knights errant fighting with the real world. The more he was politely smiling, the more other expert gets furiously excited. It never ends.

Back to reality. The whole thing with stopping eating meat, and then switching to plant based diet was excited. It was new, it was fresh and the more you read and watched the more you wanted to evangelise all of those who still are in the Meat Ages. They need to know the true! It's gone now. Once your new project is done i dusted or habit is formed, it became a part of you. You do not pay an attention to it that much, however in the eyes of other people it is still unusual. Still something, that they will and would not try.

Hence the random questions at the parties: are you still running? Are you still swimming? Are you still vegan? And then a follow-up questions how much they could not do this, which I don't really care. What's the point of discussing reasons for something that is not going to happen?