05 February 2018

What is wrong with NHS?

TL;DR I don't know.

Case one - we have done something but actually we have not

Not as far as week ago a letter came through the post. Thank you very much for your visit, we done everything what we could, therefore this is the end of your procedure. No, it's not! It supposed to be a biopsy to find out how to proceed.

Oh, yes. Sorry. It was what it was. I don't know why you did understand the other way, of course we are on the way to fix you. At some point. In the near future. Yes, yes. We know you have mentioned 4 months ago that you are goin on holiday, but sorry, that's the date we have for you so... choose it or loose it. OK, will reschedule. But just so you know, we'll mark you as a troubklemaker. You have been warned.

Case two - we have done it but actually we have messed up

A year ago I decided it is time for my blood to be tested. I was not ill or anything. As I changed my diet about 6 months earlier, having stopped smoking 2 years before that, I thought that would be a good call to have it. Oh, how wrong was I...

How dare you asking for a blood test when you are still alive and kicking? Is there any concerns you have about your health? Your blood pressure is fine, you are not obesed, not to mention you are not in the any of the screening groups. Do you mind and go away? Just go. Don't want you here. Go.

I did not give up and finally I got what I wanted. Then, there was another story when I was initially told over the phone that all look fine and... 3 months later informed by a letter to contact GP as my blood results indicates low B12 levels.

And finally, I could write a mini how-to about convincing your medical centre to print out blood test results. And give it to you. Free. Do not be surprise with the fight you had to have as until now your results kind of belong to NHS. It seems like GDPR regulation coming live soon would change this status quo. See Your health and care records section on NHS website for details.

Case three - we have done it and it's been done correctly

Comming soon...