02 February 2018

Searching for a perfect CMS

Spoiler alert: it does not exist until you write one for yourself.

It not only related to the CMS choice, you can basically find you on the same hunt when trying with something new: diet, exercises, language, mobile phone, window manager, desktop picture, ringtone lol.

And after a while, either you will notice that you are in the loop of procrastination or you will keep doing delusional tasks which are not helping you reaching the initial goal at all. Examples? I'm glad you asked.

  • Researching for the best diet plan.
  • Looking up the best application for TO DO lists.
  • Creating spreadsheets of musthaves, nicehaves and optionalhaves for trivial things.
  • Making yourself busy with trying X. Then abandoning X even if X works. And then testing Y, because it looks a bit better or have that one optionalhave that X doesn't. Oh, look at the Z...

Hope you have noticed the pattern already.

How long you can keep going around like a headless chicken thinking you are actually achieving something? That was rhetorical by the way.

Solution as simple as that: start with defaults and keep creating.